Let’s Rectify the QuickBooks Company File Not Found Error

Let’s Rectify the QuickBooks Company File Not Found Error

The QuickBooks company file not found error can appear on your screen when you try to move or rename your company file. A user can see this error pop up when trying to access their company file. In addition to this, other factors also contribute to this error. You can read about them in the next section of this blog. If you want to eliminate this error immediately, follow these troubleshooting steps. If you want to learn more about this QB error, read the blog.

The QuickBooks company file not found error can be resolved by contacting us at 1800-892-1352 and speaking directly to one of our QuickBooks experts. With adequate expertise in QuickBooks, they can assist you.

How can the QuickBooks company file missing error be caused?

  • This error can also be caused by a corrupt QBWUSER.INI file.

  • Corruption of the company file may also cause this error.

  • If there are any issues with the QBW.tlg file, your desktop may display an error message.

  • Check the file's size and name to see if it is large. The computer will display the "QuickBooks Company file missing" message if it is.

  • This error may have been caused by a corrupt QuickBooks installation.

How to Fix QuickBooks company file missing error

To fix the QuickBooks Company file disappearance error, you can read these solutions and implement them on your screen.

Solution 1: Try opening the sample company file

  • Go to the Windows Start menu.

  • Hold down the Ctrl key while selecting the QuickBooks icon.

  • Until QuickBooks launches, hold down the Ctrl key.

  • Select Open Sample File from the menu.

If the first solution doesn't work, try the other solutions.

Solution 2: Try relocating the company data file

  • Create a new folder on C: Drive.

  • The company's data file can be found in the company's data folder.

  • Keep pressing the Ctrl key while selecting the company file.

  • Choose "copy" from the right-click menu once more.

  • Create a new folder and open it.

  • Use the right-click menu to copy the file to that location.

Solution 3: The .tlg and .nd files should be renamed

  • Search for File Explorer in the start menu of your Windows computer.

  • Your company file is located in the folder you have access to.

  • .tlg and .nd files should be found.

  • By right-clicking on them, you can rename them and add .old to the filenames.

  • These files will be updated by QB.

I'm winding up the blog!

In this blog guide, you will learn how to fix the QuickBooks company file not found error quickly. If you need assistance, you can reach out to our experts at 1800-892-1352. We can also answer any questions you may have and resolve them quickly. Our experts have a good understanding of handling these errors and can help you to clear all your questions.