How to Fix QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error?

How to Fix QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error?

While attempting to open the QuickBooks file, if you encounter the QuickBooks Unrecoverable error, 'xxxxx xxxxx,' the program might encounter a critical application fault(s). The message will read “QuickBooks has encountered a problem and needs to close” and displays any one out of 50 unique numeric error codes. The error codes consist of 10 digits that get displayed as ‘5 digits .<space> 5 digits’ sequence (xxxxx xxxxx)


One main cause behind the occurrence of QuickBooks Unrecoverable error during startup is when the application is closed and there are a number of windows open on the system. Due to User-driven ‘My Preferences’ to preserve “Desktop Settings” only one user would be able to log-in.

QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error Fixes
The following are some of the possible fixes for the QuickBooks error:

Fix #1: Prevent QuickBooks from attempting to open all Windows during Start-up

  1. Double-click the QuickBooks icon and simultaneously press the Alt key. The application may prompt for the user password
  2. Release the Alt key and then enter the User password. Next, click on OK
  3. When the file opens, press the Alt key again
  4. Next, release the Alt key once the file opens completely

Note: Once the file opens, change “My Preferences” settings to save the desktop or select “Close all windows” inside the app before you attempt to log out.

Fix #2: Try Opening Sample File

If the file still can’t open using any of the User passwords, check if it enables opening a sample file by following the steps below:

  1. Ensure that QuickBooks is closed and then proceed further 
  2. Double-click on the QuickBooks icon and then hold down the Ctrl keyimmediately on the keyboard
  3. Hold down the Ctrl key till the application opens up 'No Company Open' screen
  4. Once the No Company Open screen opens, click on Open a sample filebutton
  5. Next, select any of the sample files (company file) from the enlisted items 

Note: If it prompts to restore or update the sample file, click on OK button to continue
If the Company file (QBW) doesn’t open up, but you are able to access the sample files, the chances are that the Company file is corrupted. 

Fix #3: Copy QuickBooks File on Desktop

Copying the QuickBooks file on desktop and then open it. It would check if there is any issue with the storage location of the file. If the file opens up by saving it on the desktop, the chances are that the location might exceed QuickBooks file storage path limitations. 

Alternatively, if the file doesn’t open up even after changing the location that means file may be corrupted or damaged.

  1. Open the folder containing the Company file 
  2. Next, locate the file with QBW file format
  3. Right click on the file and then select Copy
  4. Next, go to Desktop, right click and then select Paste
  5. Hold down the Ctrl key and open QuickBooks to direct to the No Company Open window
  6. Click on Open or restore an existing company and go to the desktop
  7. Then look for the Company file that is copied on desktop and then open it

Fix #4: Restore Backup through ADR

It is recommended to restore backup through ADR (Auto Data Recovery) to resolve QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error, xxxxx xxxxx.

Fix #5: Troubleshoot QuickBooks

If the Company files or sample file displays error message, the possibilities are that QuickBooks or the integrated components are corrupted. If any of the above mentioned resolutions doesn’t seem to be helpful, try other fixes such as: 

  • Run Reboot.exe: It will re-register QuickBooks associated objects in MS Windows 
  • Run QuickBooks Component Repair Tool or QBInstall tool: Download, install, and launch the tool. If any damaged component operates in the background, the tool will detect, check, and fix it.
  • Perform QuickBooks clean installation: Clean installation will help re-installing the entire QuickBooks installation files and its integrated contents to a new folder at a default location. 
  • Manually Repair Microsoft.NET Framework: Finally, if any of the resolutions doesn’t appear to work, either select to repair Microsoft.NET Framework or contact an IT professional for assistance.
Please click on QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error for Reference and more details.
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