QuickBooks Error 3100

QuickBooks Error 3100

QuickBooks software is one of the most sophisticated accounting software that has garnered popularity amongst bookkeepers and accountants all across the world. However, despite being so professionally sound and catering high level of businesses, the software is as prone to errors as any other software. One of the common issues faced by many businesses dealing in huge number of customers and vendors is QuickBooks Error 3100. This error basically translates presence of two customers, vendors or Sales-force account with same name.

Issue: QuickBooks Error 3100 with following error message

Customer Insert/Update Error – [CustomerName] – 3100 – The name “[CustomerName]” of the list element is already in use.

Plausible Causes for QuickBooks Error 3100:

  1. User is trying to sync a particular customer in QuickBooks having Salesforce account gets refused as the name of the customer already exists within the QuickBooks either as a customer or a vendor. This is due to the fact that QuickBooks software does not allow storage of two customers or vendors having same name.
  2. Duplicate Account – The Salesforce account customer trying to be synched already exists within the QuickBooks software leading to duplicity Salesforce Account issue.

The causes for QuickBooks Error 3100 is mainly only two, both of which can be manually resolved by the user, although QuickBooks technical expert advice is recommended in case the issue translates into even more severe problem. The two methods to resolve the QuickBooks Error 3100 is listed below:

Method 1 – Run the tool Account Matcher:

  1. User first and foremost needs to make sure that the status of QuickBooks Customer is set to Active and further it is not listed as Vendor or mentioned in the List menu under Other Names field.
  2. Next step is to run the tool – Account Matcher through DataSynch Web Dashboard located on the system where the DataSynch is located (Start -> Programs -> Pervasive DataSynch -> DataSynch Web Interface).
  3. As soon as the process gets completed, Customer ListID category under Salesforce account should get filled with appropriate data.

This method should solve the QuickBooks Error 3100 in a scenario where the issue has cropped up due to more than one vendor and customer have same name. However if the issue still continues its better to proceed with next step

Method 2 – In case QuickBooks Error 3100 is caused due to two same Salesforce Accounts follow steps illustrated below:

  • Logon to the Salesforce with user credentials.
  • Locate and select the tab labeled Accounts.
  • A link marked as ‘Merge Accounts’ located in the right corner of the window at bottom is present. Click on it.
  • In the space provided write down the name of the duplicate account and then authorize to merge them, while
  • ensuring that the value under the category Customer ListID does not get deleted.

This should resolve the issue and QuickBooks Error 3100 quite easily. 

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